Monday, December 10, 2012

Fall 2012 Semester Almost Over.

This whole week has been real difficult for me, since I have to study for 4 final exams (psychology, sociology, Western Civilizations, Women's History). I feel confident that I will pass all my classes, but it's stressful knowing I have to study for 4 tests. By January 2014 I will be done with all my general education hopefully and I will be transferring to UCLA or maybe LMU. College  is way better than high school; it does not compare to the experience I had in high school. For winter 2013 session and spring 2013 I will be taking a total of 6 classes, pushing hard to finish as soon as possible and passing all my classes. Finally, the moment my parents have been waiting for I will get a job in 2013 I feel like it is time to start feeling how it feels to work for my money and get the experience of having a job. I recommend people to go to college it isn't tough at all and plus you go to school for like 12 years+ why not continue to learn some more, it might be more interesting than you think. Well I wanna end this by saying "God Damn Pacquiao got put to sleep like a baby!" I felt like he was dead when Marquez knocked him out cold on December 8, 2012, this fight definitely deserves fight of the year and knock out of the year. Feel sorry for Pacquiao, but that's boxing, if one doesn't knock the other one out, then the other will.

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  1. I'm 23 and going back to school, I was in the USAF working on heavy aircraft for a while. Now that I'm a civilian I have to go to school to do be cert. to do the same job. It's almost the opposite of your situation, all work experience/ no credentials.
    That fight was great! Pacquiao showed great sportsmanship, His first big loss!