Tuesday, October 23, 2012

College has me going crazy!

I haven't posted much about what goes on at school and the things I have to do for school that dont allow me to have fun like I use to. College has been getting tougher, I was a part time student and then I felt like I was wasting my time so I stepped it up and became a full time student. I went from having 2 classes/2 days a week to now having 4 classes/4 days a week. Although I feel like Im not wasting my time anymore and I kind of like school, it doesn't allow me to do the things I loved to do like: playing xbox, skating, exercising (still fit it into my schedule no matter what sometimes i can't), going to sleep, late, etc... things that use to be awesome. Having 4 classes is no joke, studying for 4 different tests, doing homework for atleast 2 classes a day; it keeps me real busy now and by the time I finish doing these things it's already late to do anything else and I become very sleepy too early. Hardwork pays off I guess? School is fine so far, Ive learned way more and my grades are okay for now and I will keep trying my best to pass all my classes.

I know this song is Old, but this song is inspiring and a good workout song :)