Monday, September 24, 2012

Insanity Day 30

Tomorrow I will be half way done with Insanity! The second month is the hardest month and the most challenging of the old workouts. For the second month of Insanity I am gonna eat better lay off way more from junk food, fast food, etc. Starting Insanity I weighed 175 pounds, and now I weigh 164 pounds. I feel like thats good in 30 days, but I still have more work to do losing my belly fat. This month im gonna push myself way more and be more dedicated like I should have been when I first started. I recommend Insanity to anyone who feels like they need to do some type of exercise, trust me Insanity will leave you soaking in sweat in the end! Good luck if you try it and dont give up!

One of my pump up songs:

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  1. there was something that Bruce Lee said that had something to do with killer work outs, something like, always do more or go over you limits or that he is badass , i don't remember, but do it.