Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Insanity 19/60

Today I completed day 19/60 Insanity. The workout has become very easy for me, I feel like I can do any exercise and last throughout. I think that Insanity has worked for me, I feel my legs have become much stronger and my stomach has gotten way harder, then it use to be (Jello-like). I bought Optimum recovery and I hope it helps me, never tried supplements before so, this is a first for me, Hope it tastes good as well lol.


  1. Congrats on completing it! {I still can't do 100 push-ups. ._.

  2. HOLYYYY CRAP BRO! Me personally, I do nothing but Muscletech for my supplements.

    Without sounding like a bad commercial, the shit really does rock the paunch though. Today on the other hand, as I'm about to blog about...holy crap. I switched from the old Celltech line of creatine they're discontinuing to the new shit, Creacore. It's twice as potent, has more doses per jar, less carbs, less water weight, and it even SMELLS freakin' stronger, y'know? Plus it's cheaper by, like, fifteen bucks or so.

    Hey, more doses less money? I dig that kinda business plan. :D

    Only problem is I also got a sample of Xenadrine (apparently Xenadrine and Hydroxcut are now owned by Muscletech), and I was expecting what happened when I had the Hydroxycut as a sample the last time I bought creatine: absolutely nothing.

    HOOO BOY HOLY CRAP WAS I WRONG! My face still feels hot, my whole body is still working like a machine and holy freakin' god, I was practically floating as I walked downtown, the ground was so afraid of my calves.

    I've read quite a bit of good concerning the Insanity workout, and anything exercise-based that DOESN'T have you buyin' a shitton of gear is freakin' awesome in my rulebook.

    So yeah. I'm going to just enjoy the crash and pass out soon. :D Good to be back on the blogosphere, yo!