Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sucky Mondays

             Well the past days have been super busy days and right now I got some free time to post some things that I have done the past 3 days I think, Im not sure but Ill try my best to post what I did. On Friday I went out for a jog in the morning then went off to my friends house to skate for a while. After that I have no idea why but me and a couple friends started boxing each other lol it was fun, but the next morning not so much....I was soar with bruises all over me. Saturday me and the friends went to a party and it did not end up to anything good. Lets just say I dont remember how I landed in the floor at a one of the friends that went with me, and so does he not remember how we got there.....good times "]. Back to school on Tuesday once again and tomorrow it looks like itll be a resting day for me. Good bye guys Ill post some more tomorrow.