Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Smooth Wednesdays

             Hello guys! Again I have been out for a while and it's all because of school -_-. Anyway's school has been cool so far, classes have been getting a little more difficult but nothing I cant survive. The day's have really been getting me mad, one day is hot and another day its like cold. I really just want it to rain for a bit now, it's just too hot!

Another thing I want to talk about and start an argument about is the Pacman and Mayweather fight.
If they ever fight who do you think would win? What would you think would happen?

I also watch some MMA and the Jon Jones fight vs. Rampage was awesome! I really rooted for Rampage, but come on Jon Jones is a beast I kinda knew this would happen.


  1. Who is Rampage, is it some sort of superhero?

  2. I just want snow!!!! :D

  3. The more you learn the less dificult the classes will be!

  4. yeahthat jon jones fight was good too bad i missed the best part because my stream froze! FUCK THAT SHIT!!

  5. weather is the same here. In the morning, it is cold as f*ck and in the afternoon you almost melt in the sun

  6. Midterm week myself, wish me luck.

  7. Nice post! I´m glad i´ve came back!

    You should go and check out the new lay-out of my blog!

    Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

    Thanks, bye!