Monday, September 5, 2011

Okay Tuesdays

             Later on today will be my third time as a college student and I think it will go great! I got my books this past Saturday so I won't have to worry about that no more till next semester, so I am good for now "]. College has been great I must say, if you will be attending college for the first time someday, you have nothing to worry its super great and you actually feel like attending school for some weird reason "] well I do!

             Well I dont have much to say today since I got on a little too late today since I was with the girlfriend at a family get together so I didnt get free time till now, but here goes a video of Tyler the Creator and Pusha-T!


  1. college is a lot better than high school. that's for sure

  2. I'd like to go to school again.

  3. Third time as a college student, does this mean you keep failing exams and having to go back to college?

  4. LOL Tyler the Creator.

    Dude, congratulations on your (thus far) smooth transition into college. When I first went from HS to college, shit sucked balls and I was stressed out of my mind...but I actually do really well when I'm stressed, so it wasn't that bad.

    Still, may I suggest you try and seek out your text books used instead of new? Even replacing one text book with a used one could save you somethin' like 125 bucks...and if you did that each semester, it can really add up by the time you graduate.

    Best of luck to ya! Go get them classes, and do your damn homework!