Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Smooth Wednesdays

Today is July 6, 2011.

                 Well today so far feels like its gonna be a not so smooth Wednesday, because yesterday night my xbox wouldnt wanna read any of discs and it just kept asking me to re-open my disc tray for about 3 hours straight so I decided to quit trying and fell asleep. Another thing why today seems like it won't be so smooth at all is the reason that its too damn hot right about now and I have no source to keep me fresh at the moment.

Things im looking forward to do later on is probably go out for a jog, like usual and maybe find a way to make my xbox work. That ends today's blog and Ill be sure to blog about how today's day went tomorrow.
Thanks everyone for your comments and be sure to be back! Goodbye ") !


  1. Ohh well, your day sucks. Hopefuly the Xbox starts working again, F refrigeration hahaha

  2. Fix your xbox. i want to play gb lol