Thursday, June 23, 2011

Growing up in a city of much violence and danger, were a group a friends who decided to start playing xbox live instead of being out in the streets roaming around waiting to be shot or killed. The clan was called "FE4R" it all started in the year 2007 where we began to play games for fun and eventually professionally. The "FE4R" clan is a real life based clan where we all know each other in real life and can really get along inside and outside gaming. The "FE4R" clan has really been out there, many people can recognize us on Gamebattles Call of duty black ops ladder. We have been close to playoffs but have never really strove ourselves to get there to the fullest, we were 5th place on the Spring Team Ladder for about 2 weeks but after a while many of the "FE4R" clan members were busy in school or work so we were forced to play less and not show our full potential. Our goal this year is to finally get passed play-offs for one of the gamebattles season coming up, and actually coming out winners and first place in that certain ladder. "FE4R" clan will be champs ! Go to to keep in touch with our team matches and scores, search through my gb account "insainisclutch" and keep in touch with all my team rankings. Goodnight "). Shout out to Gerber Baby, hope you get better, fight the diabetes boy you can do it ").


  1. Good to hear about this man.

    And glad you choose gaming over violence and drugs.

    :PP GB Gaming sent me here.
    I hope you stick around with blogging.

  2. Thanks man "). I will stick to blogging to speak out about my gaming life, thanks again.